Vaccination appointment slots allegedly being sold to those want to jump the queue

Bribery and corruption have become obvious even in Covid-19 vaccination programme in Malaysia. Some business people are profiteering from this pandemic.

Reports reveal, some private companies are allegedly trying to sell Covid-19 vaccines and equipment to the public or others, even though they are not licensed to do so.

Malaysia government made it clear that no private company is authorized to sell any vaccines to the public. Only the government can do so!
However, some state governments, such as Selangor state government, has been already given the approval by the government to buy and offer 2.5 doses of vaccines to its people in Selangor.

It was also reported that employers can now purchase the vaccine for their workers.

People waiting for their vaccination turn

Reports today said some volunteers working at a vaccination centre in Sabah have been allegedly caught selling appointment slots for those who want to jump the queue.

The volunteers, according to Malaysiakini, have been charging RM100 for those who want to get an appointment earlier.

Many people not showing up for their vaccination appointment have raised many questions. Are they rejecting the vaccine that have been administered to them or have their names been placed at the end of the waiting list.

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