UMNO Wants MB’s Vacated Seat – Tajuddin Abul Rahman

Following the axe of former Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu, UMNO Supreme Council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman suggested that it is UMNO who has the right to fill the vacated position.

The Pasir Salak Parliamentarian said that UMNO was the logical selection for the vacated seat after Faizal Azumu became the first Menteri Besar in Perak’s history to lose to a vote of no confidence with 48 assemblymembers voting against him.

“It is logical that UMNO is selected because we have the most assemblymen in the House.”

“We have the most assemblymen. But this matter will need to be brought up to the Sultan of Perak for him to decide.”

Commenting on Faizal’s loss, Tajuddin said that he was not popular and this shows in the votes that were made against him.

“His performance as an MB had not been up to par, and Perak deserves a leader that works hard for the rakyat,”

Currently, Perak has 25 assemblymen from Barisan Nasional, five from Bersatu, three from PAS, 16 from DAP, five from Amanah, three from PKR and one from Bebas.

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Written by Ezri

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