UMNO Kelantan Warns PAS: Ditch MN And We Will Contest Against You

The warning is loud and clear for PAS: Ditch Muafakat Nasioal and Kelantan UMNO will contest against the party in every seat in the state.

According to Kelantan UMNO Secretary Akbar Salim, despite the warning given, UMNO Kelantan is still committed to the Muafakat Nasional charter signed between UMNO and PAS last year with the aim of uniting the ummah.

However, with recent undertakings involving Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob’s statement entited “Kelantan MB chooses to strengthen PN, does not want ties with MN” have caused “Confusion in UMNO Kelantan as to whether or not PAS wants to continue MN or not”.

“If PAS is keen to no longer be with MN, UMNO and BN Kelantan is ready to pit our candidates against them in every DUN and Parliament come GE15.”

Adding that UMNO Kelantan will follow the recommendations made by the UMNO President and Supreme Council, the statement made by Kelantan MB has certainly hit a nerve in UMNO Kelantan.

Previously, Ahmad said that efforts to unite the Malays cannot sideline PPBM, adding that there should not be any quarreling between the three parties.

The Kelantan menteri besar was commenting on UMNO vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin’s statement that UMNO and PAS were strong enough to be dominant on their own.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Written by Ezri

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