UMNO-DAP Working Relationship Is A Good Sign – Faizal Azumu

Fresh from his ‘removal’ as Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Faizal Azumu cynically lamented that the UMNO-DAP working relationship that led to his fall might be a good sign for the country.

“This is indeed a positive sign to see that UMNO and DAP can work together to oust me as Menteri Besar.”

The remark, which was made after his removal from the State Legislative Assembly, also skated on the fact that Faizal Azumu was still unclear as to what took place.

Assessing the situation, Faizal Azumu said: “there must have been a discussion among several assemblymen.”

“This is how I view politics – politicians can work together to ensure that their demands are met.”

“All I want is that the relationships forged through my removal are done to benefit the people. If I am the virus that hinders actions of putting people first, then I am sure that this is a sound decision.”

“Unfortunately for me, this decision was not revealed to me by UMNO Perak.”

Lamenting the fact that they have always confided with each other, Faizal Azumu added that: “The Menteri Besar position is coveted by many, it is only logical that a move against me was necessary.”

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Written by Ezri

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