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The implementation of MCO is a failure.

The Implementation of Movement Control Order is nothing but a failure as The Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that the state of emergency is just a ploy by the government to cling to power.

“The vaccination plans are also unclear and sloppy” He said in a Facebook statement. 

Anwar Ibrahim denounced that the caused on the widespread of covid-19 lately is the failure of the government led by Pakatan Nasional to curb the epidemic.

The PKR President also asked the government to answer questions about non-transparency in vaccine procurement and the slow rate of vaccine distribution, at a time when other middle income countries are racing to vaccinate their citizens.

Anwar said Malaysia was currently striving to become a developed and high income country and the reasons given by the government in regards to the lack of vaccine supply was disappointing.

On the slow vaccination rate stated by coordinating minister of the National Covid-19 Immunization Program (PICK) Khairy Jamaluddin , Anwar questioned him on  country’s logistical capacity, including coordination with hospitals, treatment facilities, public health clinics, general practitioners and pharmacies, to manage the 210,000 doses a day, needed to vaccinate 80% of the country’s population by year end.

He said the coordination plan should have been shared with the Covid-19 bipartisan committee, even if it was not disclosed to the public.


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