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The delay they face in handling the vaccine will invite repercussions – Anwar

The Opposition leader expressed his feeling of disturbance on the action taken by the top of the Ministry in regards to the supply of the vaccine which turned out to be so slow.

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim said the government should focus on providing the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible as well as give support to others who are open to buying the vaccine themselves.

“I am disturbed at the level of inefficiency on the part of the ministerial leadership. For example, the Selangor government waited for months to gain necessary approval despite allocating funds to procure over 2 million doses for the people of Selangor. The Sarawak government faced similar delays in obtaining government approvals.”

“The Federal government’s goal should be to ensure all Malaysians have access to safe and effective vaccine as soon as possible. However, the Federal government does not need to be the entity which buys and administers every single dose.” Anwar wrote in his Facebook post yesterday.

It was also reported that the Sinopharm vaccine is expected to arrive in May Anwar said, but until March Malaysian are still not sure whether approval has been given, thus adding to the pile of problems that is awaiting solution.

“The federal government needs to immediately and completely support the efforts of the state government and private sector to procure approved vaccines to accelerate our vaccination rate. Secondly, there must be an independent investigation under the auspices of Parliament into the causes of the procurement bottlenecks that have been experienced by the Federal government, state governments and private sector.” Anwar demand.

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