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The contribution is not just for the Rohingya

Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Bantu Malaysia in cooperation with Go Job and Drop and Wash does not ignore the contribution for local people who is in need of help.

According to Drop and Wash Sdn Bhd Founder Zarina Ismail, the contribution have been distributed to 5000 local families which is among the B40.

“Only 10% of the contribution was allocated to the Rohingya and refugees” she said when interviewed by Big Blue News during the contribution to the Rohingya today.

In line with the contribution, Dr Ferwahn Fairis which represent Bantu Malaysia said that this contribution is done every year to help the Rohingya community.

If possible, we want to make this contribution more often but so far it is done yearly” He said

Fairis explained that the fund was collected via crowdfunding from citizen of Malaysia and they use the funds to buy basic food items to be distributed to Rohingyas.

In the month of Ramadhan, the contribution was made twice for the Rohingya.

“As many as 130 Rohingyas have received the donation”

“Malaysian are very generous especially in the month of Ramadhan, I opened the donation for 5 days and it was enough for us to buy basic food items” He said when asked regarding the program.

According to Puan Faridah a Rohingya refugees who stayed in Malaysia for 22 years, she hopes the people of Malaysia can help Rohingya as much as they can.

When asked about certain Rohingya people which have made trouble, she said that they as Rohingya should respect the Malaysian and act accordingly so that people can treat them nicely.

For those who wants to make a donation, they may go to Bantu Malaysia Facebook page to get details.

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