Street Kids Asking For Boxes To Sleep On In KL!

This is happening in Malaysia!

While we are all comfortably tucked away in our beds, with air-conditioning and a roof on top of our heads, there are children in Kuala Lumpur living in the streets following their now jobless parents.

Taking to Twitter, @dom_raf1313 shared a video of KL’s homeless living in the streets, sleeping on pavements given food only by NGOs and philanthropists in an attempt to make things better for them.

“Word on the street is, many end up here due to unemployment.”

“They sleep on walkways, and from a distance, you can hear kids requesting for boxes to become mattresses for them to sit and sleep on.”

“How did we come to this?”

“A country that boasts its wealth, but its own people are left to fend for themselves only with the help of NGOs and people with a big heart.”

Commenting on the posts, netizens shared their understanding of the matter and how sad it would be in their shoes.

“I would cry if I were there. With their voices asking for boxes to sleep on.”

“Now I understand what it means when volunteers say that they are unable to continue volunteering because they cannot bear what they see.”

Let’s hope that the video will compel Malaysians to continue lending a hand to the homeless and make Malaysia a better place for everyone.

Written by Ezri

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