State Government should operate Covid-19 vaccine

State government should be given access to operate the Covid-19 vaccine to avoid suspicion and monopoly

According to Syamsul Firdaus Mohamed, federal government should give access to avoid any doubts in terms of the cost of the vaccine that is generated.

The Taman Medan Assemblyman said if any state government like Selangor, Pulau Pinang and Johor can have a structure in preventing the pandemic, it is not wrong for them to handle the Covid-19 Vaccine

“There is nothing wrong for the State government to handle the vaccine. It just has to go through a process

“We don’t want Vaccines to be handled only by one party because it can be seen as a monopoly

“We sometimes have doubts, for example in terms of costs incurred by the government, why it is higher than other countries in the amount needed by the population?” He said in a statement during a talk in Big Live with Big Blue TV

Firdaus said, with Malaysian population not more than 33 Million, the cost incurred is more expensive than the population from Vietnam that is more than 50 Million population

“But we do not know, sometimes in this case, set aside the question of political sentiments, differences and so on when we face this crisis. put the interests of the people first” he said

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