Singing Performance Gives Guests Something To Remember At Indonesian Wedding

Comedians, circus trick, a fun bar, to traditional wedding dances, couples will always go above and beyond to ensure that their guests are wow-ed and give them something to remember.

Well, at this Indonesian wedding, that very thing happened.

Performing a popular Indonesian song entitled “Hati yang kau sakiti (The heart that you broke)” made popular by singer Rossa, this one performer went above and beyond, acting as if ‘she’ was the one left behind by the groom as he weds the girl of his dreams.

Beginning her performance on a ‘high’ note, the singer bit the mic hard and began sprinting across the hall to show just how devastated she was as the groom left her for another woman.

All in good fun, the singer even faked a stumble at the end of her performance to the laughter of all those in attendance.

Commenting on the performance, one netizen was astounded by how invested the singer was in her performance.

“Right in the feels.”

“It is a good thing then she did not swallow the mic whole.”

Inspired to feature such a performance during your wedding ceremony? Please share with us your wedding performance ideas in the comments section.

Written by Ezri

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