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Should Zahid lead UMNO for GE-15?

Many have questioned the credibility of UMNO President Dato Seri Dr. Zahid Hamidi in leading UMNO for the upcoming General Election

Yesterday, Insider Malaysia has posted a conversation which reveals a voice that is believed to be similar to Anwar Ibrahim praising Zahid Hamidi’s speech in PAU 2020.

Today, UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah made a statement saying, if the recorded conversation between this 2 leaders is true, then Zahid Hamidi is not suitable to lead UMNO for the next General Election

“If it’s true it’s his voice, if it’s true he has such intentions. As his voice was indeed he was irresponsible, unworthy to remain there,”

In my opinion, it is not good, a leader should not act like that. He must be more responsible because people put hope in him to lead better” he said citing a portal today.

However, both President Zahid and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) has denied the voice recording stated to have the same voice as them and both have made police report.

UMNO Youth Chief Pontian division Mohd Helmi Buang also asked Zahid to resign as UMNO President if he wanted the minister in the party to resign on the basis of mutual interest.

The sentiment was also supported by Selangor UMNO Advisor, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad ​​Taib in a statement which suggested that UMNO leaders facing court charges should resign from the party or resign because they left a bad impression among the people.

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