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Self-recording of vaccination okay: Khairy

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in charge of the Covid-19 vaccination effort, Khairy Jamaluddin has announced that everyone can now take a photo or record a video of him/herself getting vaccinated.

He said this at a press conference to address concerns on the National immunisation programme.

According to Khairy, this would also allow vaccine recepients to have hard proof that they have received a proper dosage for their vaccination.

Prior to this, taking photos and videos are prohibited at most vaccination centres (PPVs) but some vaccinators may allow self recording, reported Soya Cincau.

Khairy said that the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) will ensure that the SOPs are enforced at all PPVs, all the time.

As announced in May, all vaccinators must show the syringe before and after administering the vaccine.

For AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines, the syringe must contain 0.5ml per dose while Pfizer 0.3ml per dose.

Out of the 16 million doses administered thus far, only 13 police reports have been made and Khairy said most of them were false or inconclusive.

He said the CITF will take all complaints seriously and the Royal Malaysia Police has found no evidence that vaccinators are involved with syndicates selling vaccines.

He stressed that the alleged sale of vaccines is still being investigated but there’s no link with blank syringe incidents.

Khairy noted that some police reports were made because the individual didn’t experience side effects or pain at the injection point.

Khairy shared his personal experience that he also didn’t have any side effects after receiving his Sinovac jab.

Khairy also said the vaccinator who gave a blank syringe at a drive-thru PPV in Kedah last week has admitted the error. The nurse claimed to be tired and disciplinary action has been taken.

For the other two cases that took place in Banting and MITEC, the affected individuals were given an extra dose as the vaccinator wasn’t sure if the vaccine was administered properly. So in total, there are three confirmed cases so far; one due to negligence and two due to confusion.

Khairy wants the public to understand the context of these cases in order to preserve the integrity of the National Immunisation Programme.

He said if there are human negligence, one or two cases should not taint the entire programme and “we do not blame all the frontliners who are sacrificing themselves on a daily basis to contain this pandemic”.

The Minister said he takes every single complaint seriously and he doesn’t want to downplay the problem as one error is too much for him.

He hopes that the Malaysian public and everyone that steps into the vaccination centre will continue to support the hard work of the frontliners and take a video.

Khairy said:“When you get your vaccine, look at it, don’t look away, look at it, look at it to make sure you’re getting the right dose, don’t be scared.”

Written by Ezri

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