Selangor state government offers 2.5 million Covid-19 vaccine doses worth RM200 million for its state-run Covid-19 vaccination programme

Selangor State Owned Company Selgate HealthCare specialized in providing healthcare services and facilities, will be managing the state-level vaccination programme starting from July next month.

Selangor state government is offering 2.5 million doses worth RM200 million for its state-run Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Noor Hisham, executive director of Selgate healthcare said that this initiative has been taken to help speed the vaccination process in Selngor which has been witnessing the highest daily Covid 19 cases among other states in Malaysia.

order to speed up the inoculation process in the state, Selangor state government has initiated the Selgate Covid-19 vaccination programme, including opening it up for private companies to buy vaccines to be administered to their workers.

“ Selgate is targeting to vaccinate as many people as possible by August this year.

“More than 1200 clinics have registered with Selgate Heathcare to do the vaccination,” Hisham said in an exclusive interview with Big Blue Tv.


Sultan of Selangor Sharafuddin Idris Shah has recently said the vaccine allocation for his state has been disproportionate, unfair, and the vaccination rate is so slow.

According to Hishham, the vaccination rate was slow because of not enough stock.

Selgate is also engaged in offering free screening tests to the people of Selganor.

“Selgate started the free screening test programme in Selangor on 11 April last year. Now they are on third phase of the screening programme,” said Hisham.

So far Selgate has screened more than 130,000 people from Selangor, he added.

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