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School closure will effect youth in the near future

The effect of school closures for the youth cannot be seen now, but will be seen in the next 10 years

PKR Vice President Tian Chua said everyone has to be very concern on school closure because the implementation was not clear and strict.

“After 2 years, many student still did not have any laptop yet. The government should have spent more on this especially for the B40”

“This is very important, we do not have any map or any plan to make sure our country have equal access to the internet”

“Other countries have achieve 80% to 90% for internet accessibility for their people, however until today our country have yet to implement this” He said in Big Live with Big Blue TV last Friday.

Tian said if the emergency is needed, helping youth on their education during covid-19 pandemic can be done without shutting down the Parliament.

He added that the government can give strict order to telco company to provide the access of internet ensuring for this to be done for 1 year.

“Until today, we still do not see any strict order” Tian said.

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