Post Pandemic is a stress pandemic.

When asked is Malaysian ready for the future, Dean UKM graduate School of Business Professor Dr. Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul said that we are not ready if we do not overcome the stress that will come after the pandemic

He asked if there will be job opportunities for students who studied in courses that is currently in no demand.

“University students which studied in courses that has no demand like tourism for example, how will they coop with their future where they know that there is no opportunity for them outside? this will caused a lot of stressed” He said.

Zabir said to change a person, we need to understand on how difficult it is for them to except the change.

“We should start a paradigm shift among the students. it is a time of pandemic that we have to adapt to digitization, Hence, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) should give opportunity to them to help them change for them to be ready in the future” Zabir said in a Forum at Persada Canselori UKM yesterday.



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