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PAS Terengganu will contest all seats if UMNO refuse to collaborate

If UMNO Terengganu refuses to collaborate as per agreement under the Muafakat Nasional (MN) for the 15th General election (GE-15), then PAS will contest all 32 seats in Terengganu

According to Terengganu PAS Commissioner, Senator Datuk Husain Awang after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine inoculation at the Gong Badak Indoor Stadium Vaccine Center (PPV) yesterday, if UMNO is adamant to work independently in Terengganu, then PAS will take the same action and contest all seats.

Husain stated that PAS motives is to save the Malay political power, race, and religion rather than saving an individual or a party.

Furthermore he said PAS main motives is to take a step toward solidarity with the three parties to cater to the changing political landscape of the country at the moment.

He said this in reply to a statement made by the Terengganu Umno Liaison Committee Chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Said who said UMNO would not collaborate with PAS in the GE-15.

When asked whether or not PAS will arrange a meeting with Ahmad to discuss the relationship between both parties, he said the matter depends on the direction or decision of the central leadership.

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