No need for panic buying

Malaysia will go through a period of total lockdown of the social and economic sector Phase One for two weeks similar to what happened during the Movement Control Order (PKP) 1.0. 

So it is not surprising that there is panic buying in some places even though supermarkets and shops selling daily necessities remain open under necessary services.

However, National Security Council (MKN) Has released a summary of the Standard operating procedure (SOP) Movement Control order (MCO) that is allowed.

From the summary, the list of necessary services permitted to operate are food and beverages included for animals, health and medical care including dietary supplements, animal care and clinics as well veterinary services, water, and others.

For list of necessary services by sector are food and drinks, Packaging and printing materials are only related to food and health materials, personal care items and detergents, health care and medical products, Personal care items, personal protective equipment (PPE) including rubber gloves and fire safety equipment and more.

Other service sectors are oil and gas includes petrochemicals and petrochemical products, Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, Plantation and Commodities (Optimal Capacity), construction, Distribution Trade and any services, works, industries and businesses as may be determined by the Government after consultation with the regulatory authorities of services, work, industry and business.

Hence, Malaysian should not worry as the service sector for necessities will not closed.

Summary of SOP MCO MKN 1 JUN -14 JUN 2021- Things that are allowed

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