Najib Razak Slams EPF CEO For Failing To Answer i-Sinar Questions

Following the announcement of the i-Sinar initiative during the tabling of Budget 2021, EPF has since come up with their own requirements to the dismay of the public – among them stating that i-Sinar will be given to those whose income has been reduced by 30%.

As an advocate to the i-Sinar initiative, having pressured the government to do so, Najib Razak took to Facebook sharing his disappointment as to how EPF has failed to keep to the blanket promise suggested by Minister of Finance Tengku Zafrul during the tabling of Budget 2021.

Commenting on the interview which was aired on TV3, Najib took offence at the response given by EPF CEO Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias, who not only failed to give a straight answer but also for making unfounded assumptions on EPF depositors.

“The question was if Faiz has an income of RM10,000.00 and suffered a reduction in income by 30%; while Khatijah who makes RM2,000 a month and faces a 20% reduction in income, is Faiz eligible for assistance and Khatijah is not due to the difference in reduction?”

Here is what Alizakri answered, “For the case of Khatijah, yes, she may have had a reduction of 20% in salary, it is possible that Khatijah too may have a side business selling morsels, so she may have another source of income that is other that her base salary.”

Making such an assumption clearly triggered netizens who took to social media, slamming the CEO for making assumptions that everyone was able to have a side job to make ends meet.

“Not everybody has a side income. I felt like punching the TV. He didn’t even attempt to give a straight answer.”

“So he is expecting that everyone has a side income? Or is he confused at who he is supposed to assist to?”

“This CEO has no idea how to answer the interviewer’s questions. Who in the world would answer that? All he had to do was answer whether she was eligible or not. Not talk about how she needed to bring bank statements etc.”

Garnering more than 20k likes and 14k comments, the i-Sinar is still a susceptible topic among Malaysians today.

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