Mobilizing social media to repel accusation and slander – Zahid

Presiden UMNO Ahmad Zahid Hamidi called on UMNO members to mobilize their social media to repel all accusations and slander.

“I call on UMNO members. Move our social media. Currently only loyalty and sincerity can be demanded. We need to move forward to repel accusations and slander.”

if we do not repel it, negative perspectives will continue to be played by the opposition to stop UMNO from rising.” said Ahmad Zahid in his Facebook posting.

He claimed that political party offered employment opportunities to cybertroopers for thousands of ringgit a month, they advertise workers using Jobstreet heir mission is to tarnish UMNO and spread slander.

Even though UMNO only formed the government and had no absolute governing power, he said those people still did the same thing because they don’t want UMNO to rise up, they want to weaken UMNO and they want to continue to make sure the people hate this party.


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