Ministry Of Health Announces First Covid-19 Vaccine Trials

Taking to Twitter, the Ministry of Health announced that the first Covid-19 vaccine trial in Malaysia is now looking for healthy volunteers.

In a leaflet published on social media, volunteers are invited to conduct a clinical study on the effectiveness and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The trials’ announcement is in line with the phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial held at nine MOH hospitals by their respective Clinical Research Centres (CRC) set to involve 3,000 volunteers.

Malaysia is also the first country outside China to conduct the inactivated Covid-19 vaccine trial developed by the Institute of Medical Biology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China (IMBCAMS).

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, trials are open to healthy adults aged 18 and above, with the potential takeaway of gaining immunity towards Covid-19.

They have also included the list of hospitals you can connect with if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Written by Ezri

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