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Malaysia does not fully utilize its capabilities to handle the pandemic

Research Advisor Khazanah Research Institute Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram said Malaysia is an almost developed country, unfortunately the existing capabilities and utilities are not fully utilized.

Example given by Jomo was when the school was shut down during the pandemic

The school has been inactive for a year. While online education has been around for a long time, so our approach to this issue worsens the inequality of our country as other countries has already moved forward in terms of online education”

He also said during 2018, Malaysia capabilities was shown when our country sent anti-viral drug to Kerala India to fight against the Nipah Virus (NiV).

He gave the statement during UKM-GSB National Forum today.

The research Advisor also said, Malaysia should invest more in educating the people on the danger of the pandemic.

When half of the people do not understand the threat of the epidemic, there will inevitably be effects that cause people to distrust the government” Jomo said.

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