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Londoner Goes Deaf For Three Days After Eating Spicy Noodles

Many people worldwide cannot tolerate Korean fire noodles’ spiciness, placing it as more of a novelty item than a day-to-day meal.

Despite the many video entries showing people having to withstand unbearable pain brought forth by the noodles’ spicy sauce, one Londoner still attempted the challenge when he purchased one for himself on Amazon.

Writer Reemul Balla went on to social media and shared the shock he received as he went partially deaf for two days after eating a pack of Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles.

Sharing that the noodles felt like “Lava trickling down his stomach,” Reemul said that he was tempted to try the noodles out after watching competitive eater Matt Stonie eat 15 packs of the stuff on his channel.

Admitting that he was introduced to spicy food at an early age, Reemul described the experience of swallowing the fire noodles as nothing short of an inferno.

“My teeth felt numb, and my throat closed up as the lava trickled down into my stomach.”

“Not wanting to relinquish at my first forkful, I had another and another, trying to contain the pain.”

“Eventually, after eating half a bowl, I gave up, feeling disappointed in myself.”

His pain, however, did not end there as Reemul said that the meal left his body numb and his insides and face feeling hot, but that the noodles had been tasty.

The following day Reemul noticed a sharp pain in his left ear whenever he touched it that got worse as the day progressed.

“Over the weekend, I still couldn’t hear well out of my left ear, and some ringing had started.”

He later found out that another vlogger in Indonesia faced the same problem.

Both the pain and deafness eased within three days of the meal.

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