Israel wants to forge ties with Malaysia

Israel is ready to establish relations with three Islamic countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei as part of correcting many misconceptions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel’s ambassador to Singapore, Sagi Karni, in an interview with the newspaper said, the three nation leader’s criticism was ‘dishonest’ and not based on the actual state of the conflict which he described as a confrontation between Israel and Hamas rather than Israel against all Palestinians.

“Hamas is an anti-Jewish organization and I don’t know how many individuals on social media really understand how radical and fascist Hamas is,” he said.

Sagi said the only way to have a big influence on what is happening in West Asia is by establishing ties with Israel.

Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei with a Muslim majority population in Southeast Asia have condemned Israel’s 11 day offense on the Gaza Strip that killed more than 250 Palestinians last month.

The three countries also called on the United Nations (UN) to intervene to stop inhumane attacks on the Palestinian population.

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