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Is our PM capable in managing our citizen?

Government will not be able to deploy enough enforcement officers to monitor compliance with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on more than 30 million Malaysians.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin rhetorically ask, can he manage the lives of 30 million Malaysian citizen.

“I want to ask back, can I take care of this 30 million? You have food and sleep, where is the way to go.

If someone bumps to other people, won’t I (definitely) be able to take care of him? If there are no enforcers there, wouldn’t I want to put up to 100,000 enforcers to guard 30 million? Its impossible” he said in a Bicara Khas Forum on the Covid-19 Pandemic Challenges which was broadcast live on RTM and Bernama TV last Tuesday

Assuring that there is no bias in enforcement, Muhyiddin admitted that there may be parties who will accidently be overlooked due to the fact that there are not enough staff to monitor and take action.

“In terms of policy, we are not biased. No matter who, the next minister, the next prime minister, who violated and there is evidence, they will not escape punishment, compound and so on. That’s a fact.” He said

That is why Muhyiddin said self control is considered very important so that the people do not face punishment.

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