Is Malaysia a corrupt country?

Malaysia is a destination and, to a lesser extent, a source and transit country for men, women and children subjected to forced labour, and women and children subjected to sex trafficking

The CIA’s World Factbook said Malaysia is mainly a destination country for foreign workers who migrate willingly from countries, including Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Burma, and other Southeast Asian countries

“…but subsequently encounter forced labor or debt bondage in agriculture, construction, factories, and domestic service at the hands of employers, employment agents, and labor recruiters” the Factbook stated

According to K Parkaran a writer from Free Malaysia Today, He was shock after reading how the CIA’s World Factbook rated the country in its Transnational Issues section as its a blatant generalization

However, he said the report carries out a harsh truth

“It cannot be denied that we are a nation where corruption, persecution and abuse of illegal workers as well as human trafficking seems to have flourished year in and out.

“Who is at fault here? Do we blame the government, politicians and others in authority for how we have been branded? It’s painful to know that we are seen as a heartless country which is either allowing or ignoring these nefarious acts of tyranny.” He said in a Free Malaysia Today article

Parkaran also stated that Malaysians must also take part of the blame for condoning corrupt and unethical practices that they have consciously or unconsciously condoned.

“Many are also ready to offer “duit kopi” to civil servants as an inducement to “speed things up” for them.” He said.

Parkaran also noted that employers of foreign workers have also put the nation on the spot, practicing child labour and debt bondage.

“As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and both Malaysians and the enforcement authorities have contributed to our international status.”

“Our illegal immigrants detention centres are teeming with detainees, yet for some reason, we hardly hear about their employers being hauled up to court and slapped with hefty fines and prison sentences as provided by law. Why is this so?” He asked.

He ended saying that It’s obvious the government and its people need to own up and work harder to correct the injustices that have sullied the image of the country for far too long.


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