Local authorities can do no right these days, giving a reason for people to slam their actions. From potholes to water woes, this surely takes the cake.

Taking to Twitter, @skumar176 shares a video of how local authorities thought that it would be a good idea to place concrete barricades to close a road, WITHOUT properly informing and providing ample lighting for road users.

The barricade had since claimed a victim when a frontliner, who frequented the road, came face to face with the concrete resulting in injury and damages to his motorcycle.

Horrible, isn’t it?

In the video, we can clearly see that the frontliner’s motorcycle is smashed to pieces, and the man nursing injuries at the side of the road resulting from the collision.

In his tweet, @skumar176 writes, “Roads are not supposed to be closed without properly informing other road users.”

“In Malaysia, we see many concrete blocks used as a blockade even though there is an option to use fillable plastic blocks.”

“Not everyone is Khairy Jamaluddin for authorities to say sorry to.”

In his thread, the netizen also mentioned how dangerous concrete barriers are not just for motorcyclists but also for cars.

“Concrete blocks are killers in waiting. Cars can be split into two if they are met with the concrete blocks.”

“Opt for the less dangerous type of blockades.”

Let’s hope that local authorities and those responsible take their jobs a little more seriously. Why wait until a minister becomes a victim to act, right?

Fadzly Hanaffi Muzayin

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