Free Parking during Lockdown, is this a joke?

Drivers will be exempted from paying for parking in car parks on the shoulder of the road around the capital from 2nd July until 31st August.

According to Minister of Federal Territories Tan Sri Annuar Musa, He said the initiative was aimed at easing the burden of city dwellers.

Consumers do not have to pay anything and it is hoped that the savings can be used to buy family necessities, “he said via a post on his official Twitter today.

However many have question this decision stating that it is unnecessary because no one is going to work due to lockdown

According to twitter user @suesunit, “we are not even allowed to go out, why would we need to pay for parking?”

@SirAhKim cynically said “Great, very helpful when everyone is working from home”

@Abukitol said “Everyone is in full lockdown, now you want to announce free parking?”

Many have twitted and commented on how ridiculous the decision to make free parking during full lockdown

Some said that the government should focus more on helping the people who lost their jobs and cannot afford to provide for their family

Some also said that the government should focus on the houses who put the white flag to notify that they are in need of help.

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