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Don’t continue to be lulled by outdated nostalgia

Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan outlined three important action that UMNO must do if the party wants to continue celebrating its anniversary.

According to Mohamad who is the deputy minister of UMNO, first the party must be seen to be in line with the times.

“Don’t continue to be lulled by outdated nostalgia. Stop the story of the glorious times when the current situation is very turbulent and not as bright as before.” He said

Second, Mohamad said UMNO supporters must be multi -generational (intergenerational).

“The generational change is real and must be accepted. The best political ideas and thoughts are no longer measured by the age of the speaker but by the quality and validity of the idea.” Mohamad added.

Third, he said UMNO’s values and mission must be fought for by those who sincerely live UMNO and not those who make a living from UMNO.

Mohamad said this in his Facebook post in line with UMNO 75th Anniversary Yesterday


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