Covid-19: Selangor record 2252 new case

Malaysia recorded the highest increase in new Covid-19 positive cases at 6,075 cases compared to yesterday’s only 4,865 cases with 47 deaths.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, the number involved saw Selangor as the largest contributor of positive cases, namely 2,252 cases compared to yesterday’s 1,743 cases.

“The majority of states recorded three -digit cases, namely Johor, 699 numbers; Kuala Lumpur, 660 cases; Kedah, 445 cases; Kelantan, 441 cases; Sarawak, 323 cases; Perak, 220; Terengganu, 203 cases; Negeri Sembilan, 189 cases; Penang, 183 cases; Sabah, 160 cases; Pahang, 150 cases and Melaka, 122 cases. He said in a Twitter post today.

Yesterday, Dr. Noor Hisham revealed that Malaysia continued to record an increase in new positive Covid-19 cases reaching 5,000, which is 4,865 cases while the number of cures decreased to 3,497 cases compared to yesterday, 3,990 cases.

The previous highest case was 5,728 on January 30.

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