Considerate Malaysian Helps Out Those In Need

Taking to Youtube, @kumaarfamily thought that it would be nice to contribute to society in his celebration of reaching 100k views.

Purchasing 100 Subway sandwiches, Kumaar and his wife Rachel went on to the streets of California, passing much-needed food and drink to the homeless.

In his tweet, Kumaar writes, “Upon reaching 100k views on Youtube, we thought it’d be nice to celebrate our achievement with something special.”

“We did something that we are sure Malaysians can follow. We bought 100 sandwiches for the homeless, and this could not have been done without your support.”

Such a kind family.

@kumaarfamily became popular amongst Malaysian netizens when videos of him teaching his wife Bahasa Malaysia became a common fixture on their social media.

To Kumaar and Rachel, thank you for your efforts in making the world a lot nicer than it usually is.


Written by Ezri

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