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Ceasefire is the start of freedom for Palestine

The Israeli regime’s agreement to implement a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip today will be the beginning towards the liberation of the entire Palestinian land.

Chairman of the #Aid4Palestine Secretariat, Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi said it is not yet clear what the terms and conditions of the ceasefire are, but it clearly shows the victory of Palestine and the defeat of the Zionist regime.

“Although the Israeli attack is ongoing, it cannot subdue our brothers in Gaza and we need to understand that the struggle to liberate Palestinian land takes a long time and requires strategy and planning,”

“Although our distance is far but our hearts are always with the Palestinians and celebrate this victory by praising God, hopefully accepted by the martyrs who fell whether in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank,” he said in a brief video on his Facebook page today.

After 11 days of relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip until it destroyed the city, Israel has finally agreed to implement a ceasefire starting early this morning.

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Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel has been agreed

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