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AstraZeneca supply to Malaysia threatened as Thailand mulls limiting export

KUALA LUMPUR: The supply of AstraZeneca vaccine to Malaysia will be adversely affected if Thailand proceeds with the decision to limit export of the the vaccine.

As countries worldwide struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision is an unwelcomed news which will affect not only Malaysia, but also Indonesia and Vietnam.

Thailand’s move over its domestically produced shots, is also raising concerns over vaccine protectionism, according to a Reuters report.

Thailand’s National Vaccine Committee member Nakorn Premsri, however, said that the directive has yet to be issued, but it has been agreed on “in principle”.

He was quoted as saying that the order has to be reviewed by other agencies, without disclosing the actual quota.

“We will talk with the vaccine manufacturer so they can deliver the vaccine to Thailand in a suitable manner that matches the outbreak situation in the country,” Premsri said.

Thailand has been producing the AstraZeneca shot since last month.

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca in a statement said its Covid-19 vaccines that are manufactured in Thailand are critical to neighbouring countries.

“We are actively working with the governments in Thailand and across Southeast Asia to continue to deliver equitable vaccine access to the region.”

Malaysia climbed over the five-figure threshold on Tuesday and yesterday, logging 11,079 and 11,618 new cases, respectively.

Indonesia similarly recorded 54,517 new cases, its highest ever with 991 deaths yesterday.

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