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Around 4000 people to arrive for Covid-19 Screening

Around 4000 people is expected to come to the Selangor free covid-19 screening program last Saturday.

According to Selgate Healthcare Officer known as Wan Zul, the target of 4000 people depends on the condition of the weather.

When asked whether this program is only for certain people in Selangor, Wan zul said that this program is for those who are in near proximity of the program.

“This Program is for the people of Selangor, that is given for free for those who are in proximity”.

“Selangor state government provided an easier alternative for the people of Selangor to go through Swab test and the result will be given as soon as possible” He said in an interview with Big Blue TV.

For those who are unable to come to the program especially those who are senior citizen, Selangor state government will only provide the necessities if there is a request.

“We will try to consider, because we never receive any request to provide necessities for senior citizen who is unable to come to the program” He said.

Aside from that, the registration via Selangkah application have no issue.

“It all depends on the user where they are a bit confused with the apps because there are among them who are senior citizen where they do not understand on how the application works.

“Our task is to help them to register this program and if they do not have any gadget, we will register manually” He said.

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