Almost all districts is now under red zone status

Almost all districts in peninsular Malaysia is now red zone status and only 7 districts is yellow zone status based on the latest data on the movement within 14 days of distribution according to covid-19 cases by district from 6 May to last Wednesday

Director general of health Tan Sri Dr. Noorhisham Abdullah said based on data from the national crisis preparedness and rapid response center (CPRCKKM), there are no more green zones in peninsular Malaysia while 8 districts is categorize as orange zones has 21 to 40 cases in the same period.

Noorhisham also said since yesterday, Covid-19 intensive care unit (ICU) utilization rate nationwide reached 83%

“The national health system is under tremendous pressure and needs the help of local communities to break the covid-19 chain” He said in his Twitter postage

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