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Activities that is prohibited during MCO

The National Security Council (MKN) lists activities prohibited during the implementation period of the Movement Control Order (MCO)

Based on information from MKN’s Twitter, sports and recreation, activities involving physical contact except MFL, MHL and STL, and the operation of indoor or semi indoor recreational sports facilities without supervisory control, are prohibited.

Entertainment activities involving nightclubs and pubs, theme parks, indoor playgrounds, family karaoke and cinemas are not permitted, while economic activities including spas and reflexology are also prohibited.

Other prohibitions include the presence of spectators and supporters to sports centers or stadiums; activities outside the area of ​​movement command that are in force unless authorized; and mass activities that complicate physical incarceration such as climbs, fun runs as well as marathons.

Any activity that could cause many people to be present in a place that can complicate social distancing compliance with the instructions of the Director General of Health, is also not permitted.

For tourist, MKN does not allow entry and exit of MCO areas and the Tightened Movement Control Order out of state by a citizen and domestic tourism activities involving foreign tourists except from countries as specified by the relevant Minister.

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