Abang Burger Gives Out Free Meals To Those In Need

Everyone is doing their bit to help those in need, especially those suffering without an income and facing shortages of food due to the lockdown in place.

Realising the hardship faced by Malaysians, one burger stall owner took it upon his hands to ease others’ burden.

As shared on the Warga Kota Damansara Facebook page, Mohd Kosim announced that his burger stall would be offering free burgers to those who need them the most.

Mohd Kosim writes, “For those without any money to buy food during MCO, please come down to Burger Boy and eat your fill.”
Just come down and tell us what you need.”

So, if you know someone in need of help, go to Mohd Kosim’s Burger Boy stall at Sunway Giza to get your free meal.


Written by Ezri

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