417,470 Malaysian completed two doses of vaccine

417,470 individuals in the first phase group of the National Covid-19 Immunization Program (PICK) have completed two doses of their vaccine injections as of yesterday.

In an infographic shared by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba official Twitter page said the five states receiving the highest first dose of vaccine were Selangor with 86,577 followed by Sarawak (65,580), Kuala Lumpur (62,724), Johor (57,248) and Sabah (54,817).

Five states that completed the two highest doses of Covid-19 vaccine injection so far were Selangor with 57,664 individuals, followed by Perak (47,007), Sabah (42,344), Kuala Lumpur (35,542) and Pahang (32,839).

For the same period, he said 632,668 individuals had received the first dose, bringing the total number of first and second doses of Covid-19 vaccine in the country to 1,050,138.

In addition, the number of registrations for PICK was 8,687,372 or 35.8 percent with Selangor recording the highest number involving 2,306,344 registrations.

According to the immunization program, the implementation period of the first phase of vaccination from February to April will involve 500,000 frontline members, including health workers.

The second phase, which is expected from April to August this year, involves 9.4 million senior citizens aged 65 and above, disable group (OKU), while the third phase is scheduled from May to February 2022 involving Malaysian 18 years and above 14 million people.

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