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Inflation is at an all time high compared to last year

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), is one of the main benchmarks of inflation, showed an increase of 4.7 per cent in April compared with the same month last year (2.9 per cent).

Chief Statistician, Datuk Seri Mohd. Uzir Mahidin said it was the highest inflation since 2018 and the trend was expected to continue until the first quarter.

A report on the CPI issued by the Department of Statistics (DOSM) also showed that the CPI rate for last month increased by 0.2 percent compared to last March.

“The increase in the overall CPI was driven by the increase in the transport index by 27 per cent due to the low base effect in the previous year,” he said in a press statement today.

Uzir said six states also showed an increase above the national CPI level of 4.7 per cent for the same period, namely Terengganu (6.3 per cent), Kelantan (5.7 per cent), Pahang (5.6 per cent), Kedah and Perlis (5.1 per cent), Negeri Sembilan (5.0 per cent) and Johor (4.9 percent).

He said the Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels Index rose 3.1 per cent in the same month last year.

According to him, this is due to the termination of the electricity discount given to domestic consumers of Tenaga Nasional Berhad under the People’s Concerned Economic Stimulus Package which started in April last year and ended in December the same year.

The Food and Non -Alcoholic Beverages Index, increased by 1.9 per cent over the same month last year due to lack of supply, higher demand and weather uncertainties.

However the core index covering goods excluding fresh food items with the most volatile prices as well as price controlled goods and services increased 0.7 per cent in April 2021 compared with the same month of the previous year.

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